Golden Brown

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How it all began

Golden Brown OÜ is a sales and marketing company founded in 2013 by two friends, who are very passionate about business. The company began by marketing and selling few tobacco products in Estonia but after nearly two years of operation many other brands have been added to selection. Our activities cover all of Estonia and we are expanding already to Latvia and Lithuania.

We are constantly expanding and growing sales figures. The owners’ enthusiasm and hands-on approach to management is behind our success and it has gained us notable market share is some product groups, regardless of the company’s relatively small size.

We represent brands and products we trust and we are assured of that have high quality, and we are comfortable to suggest same products to consumers. We have different chain supermarkets, cafés, bars, gas stations and smaller retailers as our clients.

The services we provide are suitable for manufacturer who requires marketing and sales to their products (necessity products, tobacco, alcohol) in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. Golden Brown OÜ offers proactive sales service and different marketing activities. In addition, we offer consultation about the legal system and requirements to manufacturers in the target markets.

If you have any interesting products you wish to sell in the Baltic States, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Golden Brown OÜ team