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X-Plosiv Energy drink


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Product Description

Tired after a long day’s work? Re-load yourself with X-PLOSIV ENERGY DRINK. The very best of the Energy Drinks in the world is now available: X-Plosiv Energy Drink.

X-Plosiv is a non-bitter and non-medicine flavoured Energy Drink. Our products are better tasting and priced lower than the ‘so called’ leaders. Let us prove the flavour meets your needs, and wakes up your taste buds.

X-Plosiv offers incomparable taste, the highest quality ingredients, and the energy that only is available from the best!

Product: X-Plosiv Energy drink
Volume: 250ml
Amount in box: 24 cans

Price: 12,99€ + 1,92€ (pledge)

Additional Information

Weight 6.528 kg
Dimensions 32 x 22 x 14 cm